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4 Reasons Why You Should Try Bullet Journaling

Last year, I tried my hand at bullet journaling. If you are unfamiliar with what bullet journal is, it is a combination of journaling, scrapbook, and planner. What it is used dominantly for is up to the bullet journal’s creator. I intended my bullet journal for a planner that I could modify the layouts of to suit my needs for that month. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me. Although it didn’t work for me, it did give me an idea what style of journaling I should do and planner I should use. Even though it didn’t work for me, I really do believe bullet journaling can work for other people and they will enjoy using it. Because of this, I wanted to give 4 reasons why someone who is considering bullet journaling should try it.

You are Looking for A New Art Project to Challenge You

If you are an artist or would like a new art project, then bullet journaling is a great option. Bullet journaling is a combination of a planner and keeping a journal. Sometimes, a bullet journal can also be a scrap book or art journal. Because of this, creating a bullet journal can be a great way to experiment with sketching and doodling.


You Can’t Find a Planner With a Layout That Works For You

It’s hard to find a planner with a layout that works for you. Bullet journaling is a great way to create a planner layout that works for you, as well as making it as elaborate and decorated as you want it to.


You Always Doodle in Your Journal but Want to Have Room to Do More

When I was a teenager, I used to doodle in my school planners and agendas all the time. The problem was I didn’t have the room to draw as much as I wanted to. Because of this, I wanted to create a space that would allow me to draw without messing up or visually clogging the layout.


You Want to Save Memories on Paper but Don’t Want to Scrapbook

Bullet journaling is a way to create a layout that will not only help you keep you schedule organized, but it can be used to save memories made that day, week, month, or year. It requires some time to create a layout that will suit you and what you want to save for memory purposes, but it is a great option.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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