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Weekly Sewing & Life Update- April 26- May 2, 2020

April 26- May 2 was supposed to be the last week of Arizona’s stay at home order, but in mid week it was decided Arizona would keep the stay at home order in place and slowly open up buissnesses. Although this was sad to see this (I really would like to see my friends again!) I did a lot of sewing this week.

Sunday, April 26:

I didn’t do much sewing on this day. I did do a lot of video editing, writing blog posts, and other work around the house.


Monday, April 27:

Another day of no to little sewing, but I did finish editing some videos, write some more blog posts, and did my day job work. Overall a productive day. Oh, and the Saguaro cactus near my house began to bloom…


Tuesday, April 28:

Decided to make Tuesday a sewing day. I started my sewing day by working on the Frozen 2 messenger bag kit. I started making the bag at 7:30 AM and finished the bag before 1 PM. Although it took me a long time to make the bag, I couldn’t make the bag faster because I filmed myself making the bag at the same time.

Later that day I went outside to take some nice photographs and video of the finished bag and my McCall’s 8029 cape. After seeing the cape on the dress form, I realized I really like it the way it was and didn’t want to fix it. So, I’m going to say I finished two sewing projects today!

Ran into technical difficulties with my video editing software, but I was able to fix it after reinstalling the software.


Wednesday, April 29:

Went to Walmart for groceries and other supplies. Saw the fabric section but didn’t take a photograph of it. It looked exactly like it did in the previous weeks, except more bots of fabric are missing because people bought them. Didn’t do much sewing today (I wanted to rest my thumb after yesterday’s sewing marathon) but I did edit more videos and the photographs I took the day before. I also went for a walk and took some more photographs of the saguaro blossoms…

and some ocotilo blossoms…

and this desert plant’s blossoms…

and this plant’s as well…

I plan on posting the rest of the photographs I took today in another post.

I also waited for the announcement from the governor of Arizona if the stay at home order will be extended past May 1 or business will not reopen like originally planned.


Thursday, April 30:

I didn’t sew today because of physical problems, but I did do chores around the house and worked my day job. Although it wasn’t a boring day, it does make boring blog post content. I also didn’t go outside for walks and taking photographs of the desert blossoms. It was hot (105 degrees Fahrenheit) making walking outside not fun. So, I stayed inside and worked. And washed clothes. And dishes.


Friday, May 1:

Today was supposed to be the first day Arizona’s stay at home order ends, but it was extended to March 15. Businesses will be able to reopen Monday, May 4th with curbside service and then allow customers inside stores on March 8th. Since I still couldn’t go anywhere, I went to Walmart to buy some supplies and new kitchen items that I had my eye on. Spend the rest of the day working and walking my dog. I didn’t do any sewing again.


Saturday, May 2:

No sewing again, but I did a lot of work and editing videos. Didn’t feel very good not because of my allergies. I realized that day the Palo Verde trees are blooming, which always bothers my allergies. Although I always have allergies from Palo Verde trees, the trees in the area where I currently live is a hybrid that makes my allergies horrible. That is one of the multiple causes of my allergies in the area I currently live. I hoped to move to a different area before the Palo Verdes began to bloom, but that didn’t work out. *sigh*

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!


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