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Abandoned Sewing Projects from 2018

Hi everyone! Since 2018 is almost over, I wanted to write a post with a topic different from my usual sewing, photography, and art year end round up. Last year was filled with failed sewing projects or ones I abandoned for a variety of reasons. Since I feel bad that I didn’t talk a lot about anything I sewed last year, I wanted to mention some of my many abandoned or failed sewing projects from 2018.

Although this post is about my abandoned and failed sewing projects, I do not plan for them to remain abandoned in 2019. For some of the sewing projects, I will be working on them in 2019, but I just didn’t have the time to finish them in 2018 when I wanted to. Also, because the projects are in various states of completion, I won’t be posting work in progress photos in this post.

1950’s Halloween Themed Dress

Probably the most disappointing sewing project I never finished was a Halloween themed 1950’s style dress. I did not plan on sewing myself a new costume for Halloween, but a Halloween themed 1950’s outfit. The outfit included a black fleece swing coat, which I already finished, a dress, and a pair of black, faux leather gloves. I cut out almost all the pieces of the dress, but I didn’t have enough time to sew it together. Because of this, I didn’t have anything fun to wear for Halloween. I plan on finishing the dress and gloves for this year’s Halloween.

1960’s Barrette Hat

One of the projects I wanted to make myself this year was a barrette hat. After a lot of thought and browsing my pattern collection, I settled on trying Simplicity’s 4178. 4178 is a reprint pattern of a 1960’s pattern that I wanted to try the moment I saw it. I bought the fabric, cut the fabric, sewed the hat together, and when I tried the hat on, I realized not only did I use a thicker fabric that messed with the way the hat draped, I also looked really bad wearing it. I’m almost done sewing it so I would like to finish it, but I’m not sure what to do with it afterwords.

I still plan on sewing myself a barrette, just with a different pattern that I know will look good on me and will work with the kind of fabric I want to make my barrette out of.

4th of July Vintage Dress

A week before the 4th of July, I decided to make myself a new dress. Since I decided to make the dress a week before the 4th of July and I was very busy, I didn’t end up making it. Even though I didn’t make the dress, I have the pattern and the fabric I wanted to make the dress out of. So, I plan on making the dress for the 4th of July 2019.

Paper Bag Shorts

I didn’t think much of paper bag shorts when I saw them in store, but after seeing people wear them, I decided I would like a pair. Although I wanted a pair, I knew I would not be able to find a pair of shorts that fit me right. After a few shopping trips, I gave up and purchased McCall’s 7726 in hopes of making myself a pair. I ended up not making myself a pair for a variety of reasons. I would like to try to make myself a pair next year.

Wrap Shirt with Statement Sleeves

The final project I abandoned is a wrap shirt with statement sleeves. I love statement sleeves, but I cannot find a shirt that fits me right. I have a longer than average torso, which makes finding a shirt long enough for me to feel comfortable wearing it is very hard. This year, both Simplicity and McCall’s pattern companies released shirt patterns with statement sleeves. After looking at the patterns, I decided to make a wrap shirt with statement sleeves. I found fabric for the skirt, purchased the fabric, and never cut the fabric and sewed a shirt for myself. I’m still pretty upset I never finished my shirt and I want to make myself a shirt to wear in the spring of 2019.

Well, that’s all for now! I look forward to finishing or started and finishing all the projects I want to make this year next year. Thank you for reading!

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