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2014 Photography Round Up

Last post in my 2014 round up series!

I didn’t really talk about the photos I took this year. That’s mostly because most of the photos I took were of sunsets. And more sunsets. And even more sunsets. I have personal reasons why I did this, but I didn’t post them here because I didn’t want to constantly post photos of sunsets all the time. After a while they might get a little boring. Face it. I didn’t do much exciting things this year that let me take photos.

The things I did do that were exciting this year was the Arizona Renaissance Festival and the Phoenix Comicon. Yep. Kind of boring. I hope I get to do less boring things in 2015 not because I want to have photos to post, but because I feel like I’m a really boring person. And I need to get out more.

I also started posting photos I took on Flickr here! I had the Flickr since last year but I tried to use it more this year. Again, I didn’t have many interesting things happen this year so I ended up posting old photos I saved from Phoenix Comicons and Arizona Renaissance Festivals from past years. Again, if I do more interesting things this year, I’ll probably be posting them on there.

Near the end of this year I began to play with Photoshop to see if the photos I took can be edited using it’s automatic color correct. I realized there are limitations to this, sometimes the automatic color correct makes the colors look completely different than they were in real life, and I’ll still need to manually adjust the colors sometimes. Good to know. 🙂

Anyway, here are a few of my favorite photos I took this year…


K-9 and Dalek Rel
K-9 and Dalek Rel

arizona renfest 2014 arizona renfest 2014 springblossom2014 DSC09165a scaleda DSC09166a scaleda

Dec 5 2014 Night

Phoenix Comicon 2014

Well, that’s all for this year’s round up posts! I hope everyone has a happy new year!

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