Clara’s Headband Artwork and Fabric Design

Like many other Whovians who love pretty dresses and Clara Oswald, I was very fond of Clara Oswald’s dress in the episode Robots of Sherwood. After researching the costume and what can be bought for the costume, I found the Topshop headband used with the dress. Although it’s a pretty headband, I thought the design would make an equally pretty fabric design!

After finishing the design, I became so fond of the design that I added it to my Society6 and Redbubble shops so prints and more could be made using the design. Still, I didn’t mention that it was for sale until I got the fabric swatches in the mail. I recently got the swatches in the mail, so I can now talk about the design!

Here’s what the original artwork looks like…


For anyone who is familiar with the Topshop headband, they probably can see my design is different than the headband’s. As much as I like the original headband’s design, I like jewels, rhinestones, ect. and I thought the headband would look nice with them on the headband and chain.

The design is available for sale on Redbubble here and on Society6 here.

As for the fabric designs, I made three different fabric designs. Clicking on the pictures below will take you to Spoonflower pages of the designs…

claraheabandfabric2 claraheadbandfabric1 claraheadbandfabric3

Thank you for reading!

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