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Undeniable Arcade Sona Painting

A few weeks ago, before I began to paint K-9 over and over again, I started to work on a painting of Arcade Sona from League of Legends. I don’t make it a huge secret that I’m not a gamer, but I do pay attention to video games because of the art, the characters, the animation, ect. I’ve been seeing a lot of League of Legends cosplayers lately so I needed to learn more about the game. I found Sona, and loved her costume, her hair, and even her musical interment. (I was studying to become a music teacher years ago but I never finished my studies. I still have an interest in music, but not nearly as much as I used to.)

Although I love Sona, there was once costume (Or skin) Sona wore that I know for sure I can never wear…. her arcade clothing. I was never fond of wearing something that shows my stomach so even though I thought her costume was super cute, the only way I could make the costume is for someone else to wear.

Since I don’t have a friend I could make the costume for, I still wanted to get my “I WANNA MAKE THAT COSTUME!!!” feelings out of me. So… I painted Arcade Sona.

Here’s what it looks like….


The painting was a learning experience and I’m not 100% pleased with parts of the painting. I think I’ll adjust some parts of the painting in the future, but this is what it looks like right now. 🙂


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