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Reorganizing Photos on this Blog Website…

It’s been a while since I worked on my blog/website/blog I should make into a website and posted photos on the pages instead of on the actual blog posts. I intended on doing this work for months, but since my computer problems got in the way I couldn’t do the work I wanted to. So today I began to work on different pages, adding photos and possibly editing content on them so they’ll be current.

Since I want to work and test the pages without anyone becoming confused, I’ll be taking some of my pages and making them “private” until I’m done working on it. Then I’ll make the page “public” again.

This will affect the art, photography, and sewing pages and all the pages that are attached to them. The pages that will be affected the most are the cosplay pages because I have photos I took of my costumes that were never uploaded. Unfortunately, those photos are not of me wearing the costumes, but just to have photos of the costumes only is an improvement over what they used to be. (On one costume page I have only one photo of my costume! And it was a close-up of the fabric! XD)

I’ll make another post when I finish my work. 🙂

In other news…

I’ve been asked lately when I’ll start to post photos of me wearing my costumes. I will not be posting any photos of me wearing costumes right now because I don’t have any. I’ve been trying to for years to get some and I thought this year I’d be able to do it, but thanks to health problems my family and I experienced, a very busy life, bad weather, camera problems, no money, and other things that I won’t talk about right now I was unable to get any photos taken of me. Sure, there are photos of me from years past that I have, but I wanted photos that were clear and had good lighting… and those photos had neither. Yes, I do sound very picky about my photos, but its important to me that my photos show my costumes well, and those photos didn’t do it. It makes me extremely frustrated that I can’t show what everything I made looks like while I wear it, but it is completely out of my control. So, I just have to deal with it until things in my life improve and are not so chaotic.

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