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Bad News- Computer Problems

Last week, the computer I do most of my work on, inducing painting and editing photos, was sent off to get repaired. It was a long time coming and desperately needed. The repairs will take a while so until I get my computer back, I’m without a computer with a paint/photo editing program.

I will be able to check emails, messages, comments, ect. but I might not be able to get to the messages as fast as I normally used to. (I’m using someone else’s computer to check everything and to type this post) So, this means my sewing and art posts must be postponed until I get my computer back, or get a hold of a computer with a photo editing program. I still plan on posting photos and paintings I already edited/ finished, but that might not happen as often as I’d like to imagine it.

So, if you comment on a post or ask me a question, please be patient when it comes to me responding.

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