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Setbacks, Frustrations, and Sticker Shock of Finding a New Camera

In April, I sat down to take some photographs of items I wanted to review on my lifestyle blog, The Estella Initiative. I turned my Cannon Rebel T6, thought I heard a sound similar to my camera starting, but it didn’t start. I checked the battery, found it was fully charged and nothing wrong with it. So, after a few minutes of trying to turning on the camera, I realized something was wrong with it.

Since I needed to take photographs, I searched for another camera. I tried my old Cannon camcorder, which can take photographs, but also won’t turn on. I finally found my old Cannon Powershot, which turned on and worked like the trusty camera that it is. Even though I have a camera that works, it won’t film like the Rebel and camcorder. After talking to my fellow photography hobbits friends, it was determined my camera and camcorder shorted out and needed to get fixed or replaced.

So, I began the hunt for a new camera and camcorder to replace my old ones. And that’s when I ran into a series of problems finding a new camera as well as major sticker shock.

I started my search on Amazon, which is where I purchased the Rebel T6 and camcorder. I started my search for the camcorder before a replacement for the T6. I did this because I though finding a camcorder would be easier and less expensive than finding a camera similar to the T6. Even though I did this with good intentions, I was wrong about how easy it was to find a camera and how much less it would be to purchase than a T6 replacement!

First off, there are supply chain problems and inflation. This means there won’t be as many camera to pick from and the prices are not as affordable as it was when I purchased them years ago. Second, the camera brands I would like to pick from are not as readily available as they used to be. So, I would either need to buy a camera at an affordable price from a non name brand or pay $500 and up for just a camcorder.

The thing is, my T6 could record film. Even though my Powershot can record film, the T6 does it much better and for longer periods of time. Whenever I wanted to record a film but couldn’t bring my camcorder, I would use the T6. Since I would need to pay more money to buy a camcorder than a replacement for the T6, I decided to buy the replacement for the T6 instead of a camcorder.

After browsing for a new T6, I found the Cannon Rebel T7 available on Amazon. As I write this, the T7 camera is available as well as bundles with the T7 and other camera supplies. I’m seriously considering the T7 bundles because I needed to replace camera supplies sooner than later. The bundles come with these supplies and will cost less than purchasing individually. I’m still doing my research on this, but I hope to buy a bundle or the camera alone before the end of the month. Once I have the new camera, I can start recording new videos for YouTube and taking photographs with a DSLR camera again!

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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