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Camera and YouTube Updates

Hi everyone! I have some great news about my camera problems. I found and purchased a new camera! It is a different model than the original Canon I own, so I’m interested in seeing how well it performs. The camera is a Canon Rebel T7. My old camera is a Canon Rebel T6.

I originally wanted to fix the T6, but after looking around online for tutorials on how to fix it, I knew there was something more seriously wrong with it. When it malfunctioned, it wouldn’t turn on. I had similar problems with the T6 models when I used my friend’s cameras. Even though they taught me how to fix the camera, whenever I tried to fix my camera, I couldn’t make it work. After talking to my friends, I knew something different happened to my camera. I suspect something in the wiring of the camera shorted out. This means I would need to send it to a repair shop to have it fixed.

After casually browsing on Amazon to see the cost comparison between a new camera and the potential repair cost, I found a T7 within my budget. So, I decided to purchase it.

I still plan on having the T6 fixed, but right now I’m on a tighter than normal budget. I know there are many people who are struggling with the current rate of inflation, and I am one of them. Still, there are things happening right that are more taxing on my budget than normal, including vehicle repairs. I’ve been without a vehicle since March due to computer issues and other issues with the vehicles I had to borrow.

I know there are probably people who read this post and thing “Why doesn’t she just fix the camera? It’s not that expensive.” Well, that’s true. Still, the issues with the camera deal with the internal workings of it. This makes it a harder fix and, with supply chain problems and the amount of time it will take to fix it, I just wanted to own something that isn’t broken and won’t break for a while. I also blame this on the many issues I had with vehicles for my current impatience with electronics.

So, there you have it. I have a new camera. This also means I can start to film YouTube videos again! I’m still trying to figure out the kind of style of YouTube videos I want to make. I’m not sure if I want to change title sequences and more. Now that I have a computer that I’m more familiar with than I originally thought I was, I can do more things in editing. I’m not sure if I will right now, but it is something I’m seriously thinking about. I don’t know when my YouTube videos will come out again, but I will let everyone know as soon as I’m finished editing videos.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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