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10 Well Known(ish) Dresses on My To-Sew Bucket List

In an attempt to avoid sewing, digitally painting, my day job, and anything else I should be working on by blogging, I decided to make a post sharing the top 10 dresses I would like to sew one day. The dresses on this list existed and was used as clothing. Some are haute couture while others are historical dresses worn by well known figures of history. Some are also well known but there are some that aren’t as well known. Thus why I call them “well known(ish)” dresses. 😉

All the photographs in this post do not belong to me and belong to their respective owners.

Blake Lively’s 2018 Met Gala Dress by Versace

Photograph found on Tumblr. Original post has been deleted.

The fashions of the 2018 Met Gala red carpet were some of my favorites I’ve seen in years. Although there were so many dresses I loved, Blake Lively’s dress by Versace was the one that caught my eye as a dress I wanted to make and wear the most. According to my research, it took 600 hours to create the dress. It has hand embroidery through out the whole entire dress.

For my version, I’m not going to hand embroider, or even embroider, the design onto the fabric. Instead, I want to rely on sequin mesh fabric to provide the designs. The plan is to make the dress out of some undetermined and yet-to-be-purchased fabric and applique the sequin mesh fabric onto the dress. My plans to make the dress have not passed the planning stages, but I already have a color scheme for the dress, the kind of sequin mesh I want, and what kind of changes I want to make to the dress. All I need to do is figure out the sewing pattern, buy all the supplies, and make it. Because of the cost associated with making it, I’ve avoided making it since 2018. I hope to start gathering supplies some time this year.


Christian Dior’s Junon Dress

Photograph found here.

Ever since I was a girl, my dream dress was Christian Dior’s Junon. After many years of researching and sewing pattern shopping, I can finally say I can make it… a soon as I make a draft pattern and buy the fabric and sequins.


Passage (Look) 5 from Christian Dior’s 2011 Spring/Summer Haute Couture Collection

Photograph found here.

From the moment I saw this dress, I fell in love with it. And wanted it. After researching, I found and bought some sewing patterns I knew I could make the dress out of as well as fabric to make the dress out of. Although I have all the supplies I need to making it, I decided to hold off making it because my body is still healing from my health problems, which causes my clothing size to fluctuate. Since my body is not a stable size, I decided to hold off making the dress until my size is stable.


Anne of Cleves Portrait Dress

When I was in college, I had to do research into the six wives of Henry the VIII of England. After I finished the research, my favorite wife was Anne of Cleves and I loved the way her dress looked in the well known portrait of her that Henry the VIII saw and picked her as his fourth wife. I researched the dress, the style, and everything about it in order to recreate it to wear to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. After ten years of research, I finally figured out what style it is, time period, sewing patterns, ect. it is and could make it if I wanted to. I don’t have the fabric to make it right now, but I want to one day.


Ironwork Dress by House of Worth

House of Worth (French, 1858–1956)
Evening dress, 1898–1900
silk; Length (a): 17 in. (43.2 cm) Length at CF (b): 42 1/4 in. (107.3 cm)
The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York, Gift of Miss Eva Drexel Dahlgren, 1976 (1976.258.1a, b)

Photograph found here.

The first of two House of Worth dresses I want to make one day is the Ironwork Dress. Sometimes it’s called another name, but it’s commonly known online as the Ironwork Dress. This dress is so beautiful and I want to make myself one. Since it will be very detail oriented, I wanted to make some of my other dream dresses I’m further along in my planning and making process before I make this dress.


Dita von Tease’s Vivian Westwood Wedding Dress

I love Dita von Tease’s Vivian Westwood wedding dress. It’s purple silk color and the bellowing skirt made me want one for myself. I didn’t do much research into the dress because it’s not very high on my list of to-make dream dresses. The reason why I’m not very motivated to make one is because I know I’ll need to buy two tone (Or shot) silk fabric for it. Since the price of the fabric will make this dress a very expensive one, I’m not motivated to make it in the foreseeable future.


Leonora di Toledo of Florence, Italy’s Dress

I mentioned the dress Leonora di Toledo wore in a portrait painting on this blog before, but making her dress is a dream dress of mine. I love the colors, the style, and the fit of the dress would be flattering on my body. I have the fabric for it and, after years of searching, I have a sewing pattern I plan to use it. I don’t know when I’ll be able to sit down and make it, but I’m optimistic I’ll make it some day soon.


Lily Dress by House of Worth

Photograph found here.

The second House of Worth dress I want to make is the Lily Dress. Out of all the dresses on this list, this dress is the one I have done the least amount of research and the least amount of shopping for supplies for. Still, whenever I see this dress pop up on my social media searches, I think about it and wonder when I should start my research into making it.


Passage (Look) 4 from Elie Saab’s Fall 2017 Couture Collection

Photograph found here.

I liked the idea for Elie Saab’s fall 2017 haute couture collection, medieval queens gathering for a feast, but when I saw the dresses I was in love with the collection. Especially look 4.

I haven’t made much progress in attempting to make the dress, aside from saving the picture from Vogue multiple times over the years and thinking of how amazing it is that I can make it and wear it at a Renaissance Festival and turn around and wear it to a formal work Christmas party and get away with it. Not sure when I’ll actually sit down and make it.


Passage (Look) 30 from Christian Dior’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear Collection

Photograph found here.

The final dress I would like to make is Passage 30 of Christian Dior’s Fall 2017 Ready to Wear collection. I don’t like the new clothes from Christian Dior’s lines from their current head designer as much as I love John Galliano or other head designers in the past, but when I saw this dress I loved it. Of course, this dress is way out of my clothing buying budget, but I love it and would love to make it myself one day.


Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!