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Weekly Sewing & Life Update- April 5- 11, 2020

Currently, the State of Arizona is under a stay at home order. The order started on April 1, (Or 5PM March 31? I don’t remember…) and, as you can imagine, that means I must stay home more than I usually do. Since I was at home, I decided to pick up my WIP sewing projects and finish them. I originally planned to start working on my sewing projects on April 1, but after a frightening week of allergies, (I honestly believed I was ill with something else) my allergies calmed down enough by mid week, allowing me to work on my sewing projects.

Sunday- Tuesday, April 5-7:

I didn’t very much sewing. I was doing some work (I work from home) and nursed my bad allergy attacks from the week prior. I was able to pull out some of the sewing projects I wanted to work on that week and put them into one room. They included finishing McCall’s M8029 and working on a Frozen 2 quilt I planned to make last year but didn’t. I also wanted to make myself a formal dress out of some bed sheets I don’t use, but are really nice. I decided to not work on the dress this week because the sewing pattern seemed too complicated to finish in one week and required more fabric I had on hand.

On Tuesday, (April 7) I went to Walmart to see if I could find more fabric for my Frozen 2 quilt. I purchased most of the fabric I have for the quilt at Walmart, so I wanted to see if I could pick some more up just in case. That’s when I saw how badly picked over the fabric department’s one to three yard pre cut packages was. Everyone bought the fabric to make fabric masks. Because of this, I decided to sew my quilt as much as I could until I ran out of fabric. Then, when everything clams down, I would purchase all the fabric I would need to finish the quilt and finish it then.

Wednesday, April 8:

I didn’t go anywhere that day and I didn’t have as much work as I thought I would have. So, I stayed at home (Duh) and sewed. The first version I made of McCall’s M8029 had problems with the way it sat on the shoulders. I figured out what I needed to do to fix it, and then put it aside to work on the second version of the cape. I hemmed the bottom of the cape, top stitched the front of the cape, and made a decision on how to fix parts of the cape that didn’t turn out right.

I also worked on the pieces for the Frozen 2 quilt. I want to make the quilt a queen size quilt but after sewing some of the pieces together I can honestly say I don’t think I have enough fabric to make it the size I wanted it to be.

And finally, I figured out how to make my video editing software edit the colors of the video to be brighter and sharper. I’m so happy because now I can work on my YouTube videos!

Thursday, April 9:

Worked on my Frozen 2 quilt. Finally decided I didn’t have enough fabric to finish it and I didn’t want to proceed in my work on the quilt. So, I’m setting it aside until I have a better idea what I want the fabric and color scheme to look like. Other than that, I didn’t work on any other sewing projects.

Friday & Saturday, April 10-11:

I didn’t work on anything sewing. I got sick with hay fever those days, so it was hard for me to work on sewing anything I wanted to. I went shopping at Walmart on Friday and took a picture of the fabric department’s precut cotton fabric section:

It could be worse (I’ve seen other cotton sections in other stores.) but this was the empty I ever saw this store’s fabric section.

After seeing how badly stocked the fabric section at Walmart, I decided to stop working on the Frozen 2 quilt and instead work on McCall’s M8029 next week.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!