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Art, Sewing, Photography, & Other Goals for 2019

Hi everyone! I normally make an end of year posts about what I did/made and what I want to do in the next year. I planned on doing this in 2018, but things in my life, specifically my job, stressed me out so much I was unable to do everything I planned to in 2018. Because of this, by the time 2018 ended, I felt so depressed I did not have the willpower to make an end of year post. The job stress continued into the beginning of 2019, but it has eased up the past two weeks so I feel like making a post about what my goals are for 2019 in sewing, art, photography, and this blog as well!

First, this blog is still going to be my sewing, art, photography, and occasional knitting and other craft blog. The reason why I want to mention this is after starting my second blog, The Estella Initiative, I realized that I needed to focus my efforts on writing topics that I enjoy writing and do not mind writing over and over again. Even though I enjoy writing on it, I realized from the very first post that I did not know what to write blog posts about that dealt with anything but sewing, art, and photography.

It took almost two years before I grew in confidence in my blog writing and knew what direction I may like to take the blog, but that whole entire time I knew that I would like to keep this blog my creative blog. I love talking about my creative endeavors and found it a great escape to work on when I felt annoyed with my blogging on The Estella Initiative or frustrated, stressed, and upset with my job. So, no matter what direction I take with The Estella Initiative’s topics, which I plan on gravitating away from my formulaic shopping hauls, I want to keep this blog’s topics the same.

Even though I enjoy writing about any creative endeavors, my ability to be creative may be dampened by some very major life changes coming in the future. I do not feel ready to talk about them at this time, but I do know they are coming this year and I’m very excited about them. When they happen this year is something I’m unsure about, but I know they are coming. Because of this, all the sewing projects I pick until the changes occur will be simple projects and won’t be that exciting to read about the sewing process of them. I still hope they are enjoyable to read!

Even though I will not be blogging about how I sewing complicated projects, I still plan on writing about sewing, but about my favorite sewing books, patterns, and other things about sewing that I wanted to talk about but never had an opportunity to do. I have plenty of sewing books that I love and use as a reference frequently that I wish I could share, so I plan on talking about that until I can start to sewing like I want to this year.

Since I’m cutting back on my complicated sewing projects, I decided to focus on photography and getting back into drawing and sketching. My sketching skills are not where I want them to be and, even though I planned on getting back into digital art in 2018, my computer died which delayed any progress in digital art practice. So, I plan on focusing on getting back into digital art as well as some sketching.

As for photography, I’m stuck in a rut when it comes to subject matter. I’ve taken photographs of the sunsets for so many years I want to photograph something else. What that may be I’m unsure, but I’m currently brainstorming ideas for me to do in the coming months.

Before I end this post, I wanted to mention that in posts from previous years

Well, that’s about it! Thank you for reading!