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New Spoonflower Designs- July 2017

A few weeks ago, I got in the mail my new design swatches for Spooonflower! Ever since I got them in the mail, I’ve been working on preparing the designs for sale. Now that everything is organized, I wanted to take this time to talk about the designs I’m most proud of.

In my last blog post about how I make Spoonflower fabric designs, I used a design I made called Cinderella’s Coach as an example. Well, it’s now for sale!

It’s not colored because I’m still not sure if I should color it like I think Cinderella’s coach should look like or just make it be white and another color as the background. Because of this, this design is the coloring version. It is available for sale here.

In addition to Cinderella’s Coach, I also have three other designs that are coloring versions…

I really hate naming my designs so there are going to probably have more designs called “coloring book (Insert number here)” in the future. I waited to name these designs something else, but my ideas dried up. So, they are now Coloring Book 4, 5, and 6. I hope to give all three proper names for their colored versions. You can see these designs by clicking on the links:

Two other designs I did not give a proper name to the coloring versions of the designs are Coloring Book 2 and Coloring Book 3. I already talked about talked about the coloring version of this designs in another post, but I was able to make colored versions of both designs and then renamed them. The first design I renamed is Medallion Waves, formally known as Coloring Book 2…

You can see the designs by clicking on the links:

The second design I renamed is Art Deco Glass, formally known as Coloring Book 3…

These designs can be seen on the following links…

As well as Mendelian Waves and Art Deco Glass, I made some new designs of my coloring designs but with color. These are not as colorful as the previous two designs, but I like the way they turned out anyway. They are more subtle, which I really like.

The two designs are called Diamond Broach and Circles and Dots. The only design samples I decided to show is three colors from Diamond Broach. (There are too many colors that I think it’s boring to look at all of them)

You can see all the color variations of both designs in their collections here:

I also have some designs that are were photographs, but set on the mirror repeat.

Like with the previous other designs, I have so many of these designs that I thought it would get boring. You can see the new designs, called Desert Sand and are numbers 1 through 12, in the Desert Designs- Photography collection here.

And finally, there are new Doctor Who costume designs! In keeping with Spoonflower’s policies, the only indication that these were created for a Doctor Who costume is here on my blog. (At least, as of July 2017)

These designs are meant to be used to make Clara Oswald’s shirt from the episode The Caretaker. The screen accurate color is cream, but I liked the design in white and topee so the design is currently only available in white and topee. I plan on adding cream someday soon. The white design is here and the topee design is here.

That’s all the designs I wanted to talk about right now. I have other designs I worked on and need to order swatches for, so I’m not worried about them right now. I’m not sure when I’ll order the swatches for these new designs, but I hope to do it by the end of this month at the earliest. 🙂

Thank you reading!