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Easy Knitted Baby Blanket

In last week’s post, I talked about knitting a blanket for my dog using a knitting pattern I used to make two baby blankets with. At first I didn’t think I should talk about them in a post, but I ended up changing my mind. I also rewrote most of the post because I originally wrote it last year and, well, nine months is a long time to let a post go unfinished. 😛

When I made these blankets, I didn’t know anyone who was pregnant, but I still wanted to improve my knitting skills so I can make a baby blanket quickly in case I was invited to a baby shower. I made two blankets, one using pink and white ombre yarn and one with blue and white ombre yarn.

When I took photos of the blankets for this post, I couldn’t find the pink blanket, so the only photo I can post is of the blue one.

The pattern I used to make the blankets is from this video on Youtube from, the same one I used for my dog’s blanket. I Since I knit differently than the way the video says to, I modified the pattern some so I could knit my way. It took me about three weeks to finish knitting both blankets, which is the fastest I ever knitted something. Or in this case, two somethings.

I’m very pleased with the way the blankets turned out and I hope that I will have the ability (And time) to knit someone a blanket for their baby shower!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

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