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Life Update: September 2016

Long time no post! I’m sorry I let nearly every social media account I have go quite, but life hit me hard last month.

As many of my readers already know, I was the caretaker of an ill family member. Recently, that family member died. Although my family and I already knew they would eventually pass away, it was still hard. My family is sad about the death, but they are still doing ok.

As for me, I’m doing ok. I’m also sad, especially when I expect my family member to be there waiting for me after I run errands, but I’m at peace and I’m doing ok.

Since I am still trying to get back into a normal routine that does not include taking care of my family member, I’m keeping my Etsy store closed for a while more. I’m not sure when I’ll reopen it, but I plan on reopening it once I make some new things that I can sell in the store. And I’m not sure when that will be. XD

In other personal news, I decided to to lose some weight. I gained more weight that I want to acknowledge years ago when I became ill and had to stop going to college. I was always self conscious about it, but had to live with it until my health improved enough to allow me to exercise.

I’ve been slowly getting my body into exercising shape since 2013, but I started to exercise regularly this past January and I already feel a positive difference. I’m not sure how much weight I lost because my scale reads wrong so, until I get a new scale, I don’t know how much weight I lost. Despite this, I know all my old costumes and clothes that I made are too big for me. The most frustrating part about having so many clothes and costumes I cannot wear is that I don’t know how if I want to take them in or sell/recycle them and make new ones from scratch. For most of them, I’m going to recycle the costumes and start from scratch, but for others, such as my Anna coronation dress skirt, I will take it in. And a handful of others, like my Tardis jumper skirt, I’m going to sell and make a new one that fits me better.

Even though I do not have costumes or clothes that fit me, there is a silver lining to it. (If you want to call it that) I can now make all new costumes and clothes to wear! The down side is that I need to buy fabric for the costumes… and I’m at the point that I want to work with nice fabric such as silk dupioni and silk chiffon. I’m currently budgeting for all my planned costumes because the cost of the fabric will hurt worse than it would if I use polyester fabrics.

While taking care of my ill family member, I began working on a few new costumes and a new dress. None of them are finished, but if you follow (Or looked at) my Instagram, you probably already know one of the costumes I’m making is Rey from Star Wars The Force Awakens. Rey’s outfit is much easier to make than the one I want to make for Halloween so I decided to make it first and use it as a back up. The main Halloween costume I want to make will be made out of silk dupioni I ordered last week and is still in the mail. I’m not sure when it will show up, but if it turns out I need more time to work on it, I will and wear Rey instead. (If anyone is wondering what this costume I want to make is, I’ll talk about it when I get the fabric in my hands. Or make more progress in pattern drafting because it’s not as easy as I thought it would be.)

Well, I think that covered all the topics I can think of off the top of my head. I’m still drawing and working on fabric designs. I also have a few photos I need to blog about, but I’m still in a low power mode after my family member’s death. I still hope I can get back to blogging in a more regular pace very soon!

Thank you for reading!