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Gold Fish Speed Painting

Recently, while I was painting a picture in Photoshop, I realized I still have yet to master shading in Photoshop. I knew how to work the shading in Gimp, but Photoshop is a different program and is far closer to painting in real life than the version of Gimp was. Before I continued with my painting, I decided to set it aside and make a painting (Or more) to practice shading and blending in Photoshop.

While trying to think of ideas of what to paint, I thought of a gold fish with abnormally large fins and tail. I wanted something simple to draw (The fish) but something more complex to help me work on shading (The tail and fins) so a fish was the perfect choice.

gold fish

The fish itself turned out more cartoon-like than I planned, but for not using reference photos and and hour and a half of work, I think it turned out well.

I’m extremely pleased with how the tail and fins turned out! Controlling the brushes isn’t where I’d like it to be yet, but it’s getting there. I’m also starting to see the way I wanted the shading to look show through in the shading.

I’m not sure if it will end up for sale as prints or a fabric design, but I’m so happy with it I’m considering it. This might turn into something like the horses paintings I still want to continue making for fun. XD

Thank you for reading!

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