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Sewing Pajama Bottoms- Simplicity 2290

Hi everyone! I debated if I should publish this post or not, but I decided to just publish it anyway. So, what was it that I was so unsure about writing a post about? Pajama bottoms.

Pajama bottoms are not the most exciting sewing project to talk about for an advanced sewer because they are so simple, but believe it or not I never tried to make myself a pair of bottoms until last October. To make a long story short, I became very tired of looking for pajama bottoms in store only to find pajama bottoms made out of such thin fabric I wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing them. So, I decided to look into sewing myself new pajama bottoms.

To make my pajama bottoms, I used Simplicity’s 2290. There are many pajama bottom sewing patterns to choose from, but I decided on 2290 because they seemed super simple to make. Actually, all pajama bottoms are super simple to make, but I thought if I didn’t like the way the pattern fit me I could always used a different one for a different pair of bottoms. 2290 ended up fitting me just fine so I used it.

At the time I sewed the pajama bottoms, I knew I would need long bottoms because I own only carpi length bottoms. So, while on a shopping trip to Joann’s, I picked out four cotton prints I wanted to make my pajama bottoms out of instead of enough fabric for one pair. Sewing them was, like I said before, very simple and I finished almost all four pajama bottoms in one afternoon.

The pajama bottoms turned out very well. I made them out of some of my favorite cotton prints from Joann’s. The first pair I made is made out of a maritime navigation themed fabric…

The next pair is made out of black cotton with grey treble clefs all over it…

The next pair is made out of a cotton with constellations all over it…

I need to admit that the constellation fabric does not have my favorite constellation, Orion, but I forgive them because finding constellation fabric in store is hard to find.

The last cotton print I made pajama bottoms out of was a Peanuts Christmas fabric…

I love this print so much. I love the Peanuts comic and I wish I had something else I could make using the fabric.

Well, that’s all for now! Thank you for reading!