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2016 Mall and Parade Christmas Decorations

Christmas is already over but, before January 2017 arrives tonight, I wanted to post photos I took of the Christmas decorations while at a local light parade and at the mall while doing last minute Christmas shopping!

In the beginning of December, I went to a local light parade. I’ve been to this parade before and took photos (And video) of the parade so family and friends that could not go could see it too. I had a problem while taking video and photos of the parade because my five year old camera is finally dying. So, most of the photos I took are off color and fuzzy. The video I took with the camera has decent color, but my camera went in and out of focus so the video shows parade floats in focus, then out of focus, then back into focus. I’m very disappointed with my old camera, but I do have an actual camcorder that works fine so I can take video with it. As for the photography camera, I thought I found a replacement camera, but it’s malfunctioning as well.

In spite of it’s age and picky ways, I was able to get a handful of photos that turned out well and don’t mind posting…

After the issues with my camera and the light parade and my replacement camera’s problems, I began to use my cell phone to take photos with. I got a new phone recently that takes better photos than my old phone, but the photos are not as large as my camera and my phone’s zoom isn’t really great (My phone’s camera has a 5x zoom while my 5 year old camera has a standard 16x zoom/60x zoom at its maximum). Still, the phone does a better job with auto focus and picking up the correct color than my camera so I used it to take photos more than my old camera.

A week ago, while at the mall to get last minute Christmas things, I used my phone to take photos of the decorations there…

I cannot even begin to describe how amazed I am that my phone can do such a good job at taking photos, even though the zoom isn’t as good as my camera. It makes me want to take more photos using my phone to see what else it can do photography wise!

I’m sorry this post was so late, but December was a busy month for me! Thank you for reading and I hope everyone has a very happy and healthy 2017!