Fabric Spray Paint Test-Part 2

Hi everyone! A while ago, I wrote a post about testing how Tulip Color Works fabric paint works. This week, I wanted to talk more about how the paint worked when using a stencil.

After my previous test and discovering the paint’s colors didn’t blend together like I planned, I wanted to see if I could use the paints with a stencil. I had an idea to use the paints with a stencil on a future project, but I would need to make the stencil myself. Since I couldn’t buy a stencil, I wanted to know what I could use to make the stencil that wouldn’t allow the paint to bleed under the stencil.

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Fabric Spray Paint Test-Part 1

A few weeks ago, I talked about attempting ombre fabric dying for a costume I want to make. This week, I wanted to talk about something else I tried to create ombre colors on fabric before I tried ombre fabric dying: fabric spray paint.

Back when I was afraid to try ombre dying, I thought that I could use watered down fabric paint to achieve the same affect. I tried this before with just one color and it turned out really nicely, so I thought I could do it with three colors.

While looking at the fabric paint section at Hobby Lobby, I found that they had fabric paint in aerosol cans. I got very excited, so I bought two cans in two different colors so I could try them out on scrap fabric to see how well they blend.

Since I did multiple experiments with the paint, I’m breaking them up into two posts.

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