The Moment from Doctor Who

Character: The MomentDW50-10

Series: Doctor Who

Variation/ Episode Title: Day of the Doctor

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: 2014 Arizona Renaissance Festival

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: 2-3 weeks making the scratch built version. Over a year for the screen accurate version.

Costume Construction:

I used the Rose Tyler 4th Season and 50th Anniversary break down I found on the Doctor Who Cosplay and Costuming on Livejournal as a reference for what each part of the costume should look like. (You can also find the same break down information of the outfit on Bad Wolf Closet and on Rose Tyler Costuming and Collecting on Facebook) After looking at what part of the costume should look like, I began to search for alternatives for each part of the costume.

According to the breakdown, two white dresses were worn. Since I don’t have the money at that time to buy the actual clothes used for the costume online, I made my own or used clothes I already had. The All Saints Jodelle dress was substituted for a knit dress made from Simplicity 1716 view D, lengthened so it would be long enough to be tied at the bottom. The substitute for the All Saints Myrine dress was made using Simplicity 1586, lace, and cotton eyelet fabric. I had fits making this dress, mostly due to pattern problems that caused the dress to be way too big to fit me like the Myrine dress should.

The vest was made using Simplicity 1499 view C. I made the vest out of faux suede. Since I wasn’t keen on 100% accuracy at that time, I didn’t include the little details on the real vest such as the pockets. The arm warmers are white leg warmers I found online. I also found the boots online as well.

Unfortunately, I do not have any photos of my scratch built version of the costume.

After making the scratch built costume, I found new pieces for the costume I liked more, including a new jacket in a lighter weight fabric, another AllSaints dress similar to the Jodelle dress, the screen accurate Jodelle and Myrine dresses, and Elgar sweater in my size (Or as close as I hope to get to my size). This version of the costume is my favorite to wear but I normally wear the alternate AllSaints dress in place of the Jodelle dress because the alternate dress fits me better, is a knit dress making it more comfortable for me to wear, and I don’t need to worry about getting it dirty as much as I would while wearing the Jodelle dress.

I decided not to distress any of the clothing like they are in the show. I really like each piece a lot and sometimes use them in my normal wardrobe.

Reference Photos:


Completed Costume- Screen Accurate: