Snow White from Mirror Mirror

Character: Snow Whitemirror-mirror-cast-photo-lily-collins-snow-white

Movie: Mirror Mirror

Variation: Blue dress with the big, orange bow

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: TBA

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: Approximately four weeks

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: I wanted to make a new princess dress for the Phoenix Comicon 2013, but I wasn’t able to finish anything in time. The week before the convention, I got sick and I realized I couldn’t attend the convention all three days. Even though I was sick, I wasn’t so sick I couldn’t do anything but sleep. I decided that in order to take my mind off missing the convention I’d start to make Snow White’s dress.

Costume Construction:

I made blog posts documenting how I made this costume. Please read them to find out how I created this costume…

Reference Pictures:

Completed Costume: