Rose Tyler Aliens of London/World War 3

Character: Rose Tyler

Series: Doctor Who

Variation/ Episode Title: Aliens of London/ World War 3

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: ?

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: 5 months (Searching on and off for items for the costume)

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: After making so many Clara Oswald costumes, I wanted to go back to the original character from Doctor Who I dressed up as, Rose Tyler. I didn’t want to remake her dress from the Idiot’s Lantern at that time so I looked for something more casual and easy to make. Her outfit from Aliens of London and World War 3 became one of many Rose Tyler outfits I assembled to wear.

Costume Construction:

Everything in this costume was purchased. Unlike what I’d normally like to do, I didn’t look for screen accurate items. Some of them (The shirt) was very rare and I didn’t want to spend my free time looking for it while others (The jacket) was available at that time I was searching but I didn’t think I’d ever find a jacket in my size and in my price range. Because of this, I settled for alternate, or look-a-like, clothing.

The jacket is a white jean jacket I found at Target. The blue jeans I already had in my closet. The shoes are from the same time period the episode aired (2004/2005) and are in the same style as the shoes Rose wore in the episode. If nobody looked to closely, they wouldn’t notice they shoes were different. The shirt was a look-a-like shirt another Rose Tyler cosplayer was selling.

Reference Photos:

Completed Costume:

Excuse the lack of photos of this costume. Thank you!