Rose Tyler from The Idiot’s Lantern

Character: Rose TylerRose Tyler in the Idiot's Lantern

Series: Doctor Who Season 2

Variation: Episode Title: The Idiot’s Lantern

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: Version 1: Phoenix Comicon 2012 (Semi completed)

Version 2: TBA

Version 3: TBA

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: Version 1: 5-7 months (Working on and off)

Version 2: TBA

Version 3: 1 Month

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: I love the color pink and always wanted a pink dress with sequins on it. After watching Doctor Who, I began to like Rose Tyler, especially when she wore this outfit in the episode The Idiot’s Lantern. It was cute and the dress was the perfect dress to bring my pink sequin dress dream to life.

How I made this cosplay: This costume was probably one of the most frustrating costumes I ever made. Although I originally made the dress even more complex than normal by hand sewing the sequins onto the bodice, I experienced growth spurts with caused me to no longer fit ever dress I completed. Since I wanted to wear the dress still, I remade dress. By the time I decided to stop remaking the dress, I make three dress and created countless other failed attempts to make the bodice fit my growing body. This costume is one of the most frustrating and time consuming projects I’ve taken on.

I’ve been asked if I will take commissions for making this dress. I will not accept commissions to make this dress. I do sometimes sell pre-made dresses or dresses in a set size similar to mine at my Etsy store here. If you want a dress like mine, cannot sew, and I’m not selling a premade/taking orders for a dress, I would suggest hiring a seamstress near you. If you have any questions about making the dress and I did not answer them in this post, please contact me via the contact me page and I’ll respond as quickly as possible.

  • Version 1

I made the dress using Simplicity pattern number 2440 and modified the pattern’s bodice and skirt so I’ll like the way it looked/felt when I wore it. The dress is made of pink bridal satin from Joann’s except for the straps of the dress. (The fabric I used for the straps are explained in the next paragraph) Since the skirt wasn’t as full as I wanted it to be, I added another skirt panel (It didn’t say to do that on the pattern) and created triangle inserts to add in-between the skirt panels. The skirt ended up being really full and fun to walk around in.

Since this dress was supposed to be used as a costume and for my own personal use (If I ever need a fancy dress) I took creative liberty with the way the top looked. The top part was mostly covered by a jacket so I decided that I would add wide straps (over 2 inches wide) to the top for my own personal comfort. The pattern bodice didn’t have wide straps so I created some from scrap pink costume satin I had in my fabric stash. The headband was also made by me out of the same pink costume satin as the straps and sewn onto scrap elastic I had left from some of my previous costumes and sewing projects.

The bodice and sewing all the sequins onto the top is what took the most time to make. Because this is supposed to be my pink dream dress, I decided to make it very fancy and special. I did this by sewing each and every sequin onto the bodice by hand. It took many months of constant sewing to complete it. I almost gave up on it many times and planned on sewing sequins on strands so it would be completed faster, but after taking frequent breaks I eventually finished sewing sequins all over the bodice except for the straps. (I always planned on leaving the straps sequin-less.) After all the sequins sewing I learned that I became really good at hand sewing! ;)

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  • Version 2

Version 2 is the replacement for version 1. I had to remake the dress because I outgrew the original dress. Originally I planned on making the dress using duchess satin for the bodice, the skirt is from version 1, and the bodice also has hand sewn sequins, but while sewing sequins onto the bodice I had growth spurts that caused the bodice to, once again, no longer fit me. That caused me to set aside that dress and start from scratch again.

The first dress I made used New Look pattern number 6457 as the base for the new bodice. I modified it so it would have a straight neckline like the original dress did. Since the skirt from the first version of the dress still fit me, I took the skirt off the bodice and sewed it onto the new bodice. Originally I had planned to cover the bodice in sequined trim that comes on rolls, but after working with it I didn’t like the way it looked. So, I went back to sewing individual sequins onto the bodice.

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  • Version 3

Version 3 is the simplest Idiot’s Lantern dress I’ve made thus far. This dress was made as a stand-in dress until version 2 was completed.

The third dress was made out of the same type of pink satin version 1 of the dress was made out of, pink taffeta, and pink sequined jersey knit I found on clearance.

Using the same modified bodice pattern I used for version 2, I cut out the bodice pieces out of the jersey knit and taffeta. I used the taffeta as an underlining because the jersey knit was thin. I also backed the taffeta with interfacing so the bodice with keep it’s form better.

I made two skirts for this dress, one out of pink satin while the other out of taffeta. I didn’t use a commercial pattern to make the skirts. Instead, I measured how long and wide I wanted each skirt to be, cut out the panels in a rectangle shape, and sewed all the panels together. I then pinned and sewed the skirts, satin skirt for the outer skirt, taffeta for the under skirt, to the bodice. I finished the dress by sewing white lining onto the bodice.

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