Princess Euphemia Skirt Embroidery

To make a long story short, I had an idea back in 2008 to make a cosplay of a gold/white dress one of Clamp’s characters wears, but instead of painting or appliqueing the gold designs on the dress I would embroider them onto the dress by hand. I ended up deciding to make Princess Euphemia’s gold/white dres from the anime Code Geass….

Because I only have so much time in the day and I can only work so long before I have hand cramps, this costume takes a long time to make. I’m already on year two of making this dress and I’m not even nearly done with it.

I did recently hit a milestone with the dress though. I completed the “under” skirt and the embroidery on it. (The underskirt goes underneath the petal/feather decoration of the the skirt) It’s not much when I think of it, but at least its some sort of progress.

Here are some photos I took of the skirt on my dress form and with the petticoat I use with all skirts like this underneath it.

The whole skirt on the dress form….


Shot of the embroidery on the front of the skirt. I based the look of the embroidery off Kate Middleton’s wedding dress…


Top embroidery design…


Middle bottom embroidery design….

Bottom side embroidery design. I wanted it to look like feathers, but I don’t think it looks like that now. Still, I like the way it looks very much…


This whole skirt took me about a year to finish. It took me so long to finish it because I took a nine month break in which I worked on other costumes. I started it again because I got tired of a pile of unfinished costumes and sewing projects sitting around my house. ^_^ There are other projects I’m working on right now that I started but set aside to work on other stuff and they’re nearing completion themselves. The progress on them has been slowed down to a snail’s pace because my sewing machine broke so if I want to sew I’d have to hand sew everything like I used to. That puts a damper on my plan for making myself a Halloween costume. >:(

Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013 Tennative Costume

I’ve been attending the Arizona Renaissance Festival every year since 2010 and every year, I made a costume to wear there. The first costume I made and wore in 2010 was based off Eowyn’s “green” dress from the movie Lord of the Rings, Two Towers.

Back then I wasn’t very experienced in sewing without help with my mom and my mom thought I needed to try to make something myself with very little help from her, so when I made the costume it didn’t turn out just like Eowyn’s dress. It was similar, but not the way I imagined it.

After I wore it, I put it away so I could one day use the costume for scrap fabric or fix it so it would look the way I wanted it to. A few weeks ago, I took out the costume from storage and began to fix it up. I adjusted the skirt so it would be open in the front like Eowyn’s and I took in the sides as well. Since I made this costume back in 2010, I grew taller so the dress now hits my leg mid calf instead of at the top of my feet. Because it’s not as long as Eowyn’s dress, I decided to pros pone my goal of making an accurate dress until a later date and use the 2010 dress for a new, original costume for myself.

I’m planning on making the costume inspired by the clothes female characters wore in the movie Thor, such as Sif and Frigga.

Because they’re not on screen very much, I had to make do with costume concepts and my own imagination. My master plan is to make a costume that looks like something Sigyn (Loki’s wife in Nordic mythology) or a Valkyrie would wear. This includes making a circlet crown inspired by The Metropolitan Opera’s production of The Ring Cycle with Deborah Voigt as Brunhilde…

So, that’s the plan. Making the circlet scares me pretty badly because I’m more of a seamstress than a jewelry maker and working with metal isn’t my favorite thing to do. In spite of that, I still plan on making and wearing this costume to the festival in 2013. I’m optimistic I can finish at least the fabric parts of the costume by the end of this year, but my life has become more and more hectic over the past year so my time for sewing has been rapidly decreasing so the costumes and clothes I planned on wearing to an event don’t really get finished by that time. Still, I designed this costume to use sewing patterns I already own/worked with and used fabric I own/are currently on sale so I the only thing I have to study how to make is the circlet. 🙂

Sewing Machine is Out of Commission….

Last night I was sewing one of my projects when something happened to it and now it won’t sew anymore. My mom, who is much more knowledgeable in how to fix sewing machines than I am, is going to help me see what is wrong with it. Hopefully it won’t require being taken somewhere so it can be fixed, but it put a HUGE damper on my sewing plans for the weekend. I found a lot of costumes, clothes, and projects I was working on but never finished a few weeks ago and I was planning on knocking quite a bit of them off my “To-do” list. But all that will have to wait until my sewing machine is working again.

So, this weekend, I’m planning on doing as much hand sewing I can, along with attempting to take good photos of the projects I was able to complete before my sewing machine broke, clean up my sewing messes, and perhaps draw some pictures. I haven’t been drawing lately because I wanted to finish my sewing projects and organize my sewing stuff so I didn’t have to worry about the mess I made while I draw. So, the weekend is probably going to be dedicated to cleaning and drawing.

And write some more updates on here, but cleaning comes first. My cleaning is long overdo anyway. 🙂

So Many Projects… So Few Photos!!!

Lately I’ve became very frustrated with myself and my lack of photos of my finished sewing projects. Well, I’m frustrated with my sewing projects in general. Just when I think I’m almost done with a project, I run into a snag. So, I set it aside to work on something else so my mind will finally clear out and I’ll be able to finish whatever I was working on.

Last week, I decided to finish the projects I started months or, sadly enough, years ago. I began to fix a costume I made in 2010, tried finish two costumes I began in October 2011, and began to knock off some of the sewing projects I’ve been wanting to make for years. But alas, I have no photos of my progress. I do sometimes think I should take more progress photos of my projects, but then I end up taking more photos of my projects instead of spending my time working on them.

Anyway, my most recent frustration arose last night when I was working on one of the costumes I began in 2011. I thought I had finally figured out how to finish it, but after working on it for three or so hours, it turned out completely wrong and I now have to start all over again. I was very upset, but not like I usually am when I have to start completely over. I still have all the original patterns I used and I just need to cut out more fabric, sew together, and work on the section of the costume in a different way. (I have a back-up plan to finish what I’m working on)

Anyway, photos of the completed sewing projects are coming, but me wearing these creations are at least a few months away. Everyone online, except people who know me very personally, probably doesn’t know that I’m currently going through growth spurts. These growth spurts have made me very self contentious of my self-image so I’m not ready to post photos of myself yet. Hang in there everyone! The photos are coming, but for now there are none. 🙂

Tudor Dress Progress

So, I decided a while ago to make a Tudor dress. I’ve been wanting to make one for a while now, even bought the fabric to make it, but I just got around to sew it all together. The dress is made from Simplicity pattern 2589 with raspberry red/black taffeta. (Outside gown is made of taffeta only) The color scheme is red/black/gold, but I originally wanted it to be blue, green, or purple. I ended up going with the current color scheme because I liked the fabrics that were in these colors. They were too pretty not to use. Plus they were on sale. (50% and 60% off fabric!!! YAY!!!)

Anyway, here are some in-pictures of the dress….

Top of the bodice without the sleeves. Here’s the raspberry red/black taffeta I mentioned before. It has embroidery on the fabric and it really look pretty….

More taffeta, only this time it’s black and the designs are fuzzy velvet! This is going to be what the inner sleeves are going to be made out of. The lower part of the sleeves  might be made out of black velvet, but I’m not sure yet. I’m still doing research on Tudor dresses so we’ll see…

Underskirt front panel fabric. It’s upholstery fabric and is really heavy….

The top of the gown with the gold rhinestone trim. I debated over what to use for the trim because I like the way pearls look on these dresses, but I didn’t want them on my dress. So this is my way of getting the look of the pearls, but made them look the way I want it to….

I hope I can wear this dress at the Arizona Renaissance Festival 2013. There are many costumes I’m making (I’m currently up to three different costumes) that can be worn at the Festival, so I might have a hard time picking what costume to wear. 🙂 Still, progress on this costume is going faster than I thought it would so I hope one day soon I can get photos of me wearing the dress. YAY!!!! XD

Old Tucson Studios Photos 2012

In March of 2012, I went to Old Tucson Studios in Tucson, Arizona. Old Tucson Studios is an attraction outside Tucson, Arizona where movies and TV shows were filmed. Most of the movies and TV shows were westerns and there are some of the original sets still there. You an walk in and look around the buildings and sets without anyone stopping you. They also offer tours that talk about the sets and buildings, gunfight shows, museums, rides, and other stuff. It’s really fun to go to if you’re a western fan or just want to see something unusual.

I went there in 2011 and had a great time, but this year they added some new buildings, called Heritage Square, in front of the City Hall building. I’m not completely sure why they were added (Probably because 2012 is Arizona’s Centennial?), but I ended up taking photos of the new buildings the most because I had photos of the other buildings already. ^_^ Continue reading “Old Tucson Studios Photos 2012”

Phoenix Comicon 2012 Photos Part 1

I decided not to make a convention report for the Phoenix Comicon this year. Instead I’m going to post photos I took from the convention in this post and eventually put my favorites into the photography section. I’ll add captions to the photos if the photos need them.

Because I have so many photos, I’ll post them in at least two parts. Maybe three or four at the most. Here’s part one…. Continue reading “Phoenix Comicon 2012 Photos Part 1”

Costume Update for Fable 3 Costume

Today I have finally completed my Fable 3 Elegant Princess Suit! It took a long time for me to finish the costume, but I finally managed to do it! I began this costume in November of 2011 and finally finished it today. (August 2012) The dress is made out of white cotton, light blue shinny satin, blue dupioni silk, gold dupioni silk, and gold spandex.

As per usual, I don’t have any photos of me wearing the costume. I hope I can have photos of me wearing the dress some day soon, but for now you’ll have to make do with a work-in-progress photo. 😛

Here’s a reference picture of the dress I’m talking about. I didn’t end up relying on the game for my reference pictures because I don’t own the game and I don’t play video games. (Yes, it’s true.) I did use the video game reference guide to help me with reference pictures, but I did end up making the back different because I didn’t like the way the back looked very much. Here’s a picture I used as my main reference from the reference guide….

And here is the only picture I have on hand of the costume I made. It’s of the sleeve and the detail I worked very hard on….

Sometime soon I’ll take really nice photos of the tiara I made to go with the costume and add them up here. Ugh. I guess this means I need to get some good photographs of me wearing the whole entire costume? Drat! I’m not big on being the one in front of the camera (Because I’ve had really bad luck with people taking my photos) so this might be hard for me to force myself to get some picture of me wearing this costume….

Adding Photos from the Phoenix Comicon 2012….

I’m still debating if they should be located in my photography section or in a post with a convention report. There’s not much to report from the Comicon, mostly because this was my first PCC experience and I didn’t go to many panels, but I might write one from the point of view of a person that has only attended anime conventions until now. It’s been about three months since PCC so it’s late but better late than never. 🙂 We’ll see if I can think up enough interesting things to talk about in a formal convention report.

Stay tuned!