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Madame de Pompadour Painting

Recently my page view counter on deviantART has reached 5,000 so I decided to do something special to celebrate the 5,000th view. There is a painting I did a while back in Gimp of Madame de Pompadour from the Doctor Who episode Girl in the Fireplace that I never really finished. It was the first […]

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April 2013 Cactus Flower Prt. 2

Here’s part two of a two part post series to show the photos I took of two different cactus near my house. After taking the photos from part 1 of my cactus flower post, I found another cactus blooming nearby. It was a different cactus with a different color and type of flower, but it […]

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Busy Busy Life

Well, as usual, my life has become very busy so this blog and my plans for it has fallen at the waist side. I’m still editing photos I took while at the Arizona Renaissance Festival and I haven’t had the chance to put any photos here. Instead, I’ve been putting them all on my deviantART […]

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