Making an 18th Century Bum Pad

After weeks of working on the Elizabethan Whovian costume, I began to have a sewing idea block. In order to keep myself sewing, I began to work on something I knew I’d need and is easy to sew. Since I needed to make a bum pad for a future 18th century costume, I decided to make that my next sewing project.

The pattern I used to make the bum roll is Simplicity’s pattern number 8162.

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New Camera and Desert Test Photos

After five and a half years of loyal service, I realized my main camera, a Sony Cybershot, was dying. I knew it was having problems in 2013, but I was still able to make it work and do what I want until last year. While at the Renaissance Festival, I realized it was really having problems and was draining the battery even though the camera was off. I tried new batteries, but nothing worked. I also had problems with it focusing and zooming in when I wanted it to. So, it was time to get a new camera.

After a lot of debate, I decided to get a Cannon Powershot. After getting it, I began playing with my new camera and took photos of a cactus blossom, a tree blossom, and fruit on a barrel cactus.

After taking these photos and editing them, I was very pleased with the way they turned out. Since I didn’t take many photos the first time, I took more photos around the desert to see how far I can push the camera before it starts to have trouble taking photos.

After I took this set, I discovered my camera’s image stabilization stops working after zooming 60x. My camera has a standard 40x zoom, but it can go up to 160x. I think the stabilization of the camera will be fine if I use a tripod, but it’s something of note when I’m carrying the camera around and need it to zoom that far. Also, it has problems focusing on the plants in the foreground when taking a close up of them. My Sony had the same problems when I take close up flower photos, so it’s something I’m used to. Still, it’s something annoying I need to remember if I want to take close up flower photos.

Over all, I’m very pleased with my new camera and find it a good replacement for my old Sony. I still need to test the Cannon to see if it will take photos of stars at night, but, since it behaves like my Sony, I believe the Cannon will be able to take photos at night just fine.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

Elizabethan Whovian- The Sleeves

It’s been a while since I talked about my Elizabethan Whovian so I thought I’d talk about part of the costume I finished, the sleeves!

I was waiting until I posted the photos I took on Time Traveler’s Weekend at the Renaissance festival to talk about the costume. My original plan was to make the costume and wear it to the festival. I was also planning on participating in the Time Traveler Costume Contest that Sunday. In order to keep myself on track, I created a schedule to help me work on the costume. (Finish the sleeves three weeks before the festival, work on the hat and draft the gown’s bodice pattern for three days, ect.) Unfortunately, the stomach flu I had in February threw my schedule off so badly I couldn’t get back on track. So, the costume was unfinished on Time Traveler’s Weekend.

Even though I was upset about not finishing the costume, I went to the festival anyway and was soon thankful I wasn’t wearing a whole entire Elizabethan costume. It was unseasonably hot that weekend and I’m sure I would not have made it more than a few hours fully dressed in my Elizabethan costume. (I was having a very bad time with my seasonal allergies so I was not feeling very great.)

Even though I didn’t finish the costume when I wanted to wear it, I still decided to finish it. The progress on it has slowed because I was also making clothes for normal wear. And when it comes to making normal clothes or a costume, normal clothes take top priority. Still, I wanted to work on the costume and the easier parts of the costume I wanted to work on was the sleeves.

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Spoonflower and Art Print Shops Update- May 2017

Hi everyone! I know it’s been a few weeks since I posted on my blog, but I had a lot of things I had to do offline. While I was gone, I was able to update and work on my Spoonflower and my art print shops.

On Spoonflower, I was able to edit and release for sale new fabric designs I didn’t have the time to work on. These designs are based off a tiara doodle I did for Inktober 2016. I’m very pleased with the way they turned out.

The designs have different colored jewels in the tiara, but I decided to only feature one for now. You can see the rest in the Crown Designs collection on my Spoonflower here. (I’ll eventually add more crown themed designs in the future, but right now the tiaras are the only ones available for sale.)

In other Spoonflower news, last year I received an email from Spoonflower saying that they edited my description for a few of my fabric designs so it wouldn’t interfere with copyright infringement phrases. The designs are the ones for my Doctor Who inspired fabrics and the phrase that was removed was “Doctor Who”. When I realized this, I decided to remove all my Doctor Who inspired designs, no matter if they were meant for cosplay/costumes or not, from public view.

Although removing the designs from public view seemed like an overreaction, I was taking care of an ill family member at that time and I didn’t have the time to sit down and actually think about anything besides my family member. After my family member passed away, I began to work on what I wanted to say in the descriptions of the designs. Since I wrote the descriptions of the Doctor Who costume fabrics, Spoonflower discontinued fabrics I favored for costume making and added new fabrics I liked much better than my old favorite fabrics. It took a while to change the descriptions, but I was able to do it. I also created a new collection for all my Doctor Who inspired designs along with any other fabrics I created for future costumes. This collection is now called Geek and Cosplay/Costume Inspired and can be seen here.

As of this post, the only designs available in the collection are Doctor Who inspired ones, but I hope to add a few non Doctor Who designs in the future.

And finally, I created a new Society6 shop! I didn’t like the URL address for my first Society6 shop, so I made a new one. The new one is located here. I hope to eventually add more of my art to this new account, but right now I’m too busy working on other things so I must keep it a little sparse for now.

So, that’s all I have to talk about for now! I hope to keep everyone updated about any changes to my Spoonflower and Society6 shops.

Thank you for reading!

Arizona Renaissance Festival- March 11, 2017

The 2017 Arizona Renaissance Festival is over for the year and I have some more photos I took while there to post and talk about.

The weekend of March 11th and 12th was Time Traveler’s Weekend. It is my favorite of the themed weekends at the festival because there is a Tardis from Doctor Who in front of the front gate and there are Star Wars characters from the 501st Legion in the festival. It’s always amusing to see the storm troopers serve as body guards of the royal court or Darth Vader watch the joust.

Like the last time I went to the festival, I mostly took photos of the joust. I was intending on taking photos of other acts, but I ran into problems with my camera’s batteries so I couldn’t take photos of anything or anyone else. In addition to this, I didn’t stay the whole day. It was unseasonably hot (Over 90 degrees Fahrenheit) and I didn’t want to over exhaust myself. As usual, I had a great time and I’m glad I went on this weekend!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

January 2017 Sunset Photos

Sorry about not posting in a few weeks. I’m still playing catch up with my side projects due to the stomach flu I had a few weeks ago. Since I’m not done working on them yet, this week’s post is about some photos I took of a sunset in January!

I took these photos after a winter storm on January 24, 2017. I’m happy with the way the photos I took that day turned out. In addition to these photos, I also took some other photos that will be used for future fabric designs. Right now they are not available for sale or public viewing, but once they are I’ll make a post about them!

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!

Peach Tree Blossoms 2017

I realized that I have a lot of photos that I never posted here on my blog, so here is another photography post! This time, the peach tree blossoms!

The peach tree outside my house has begun to bloom again… so that means a new batch of peach tree blossom photos! I’m not sure if anyone likes my photos of the peach blossoms, but I enjoy taking the photos anyway.

That’s all for now and thank you for reading! I hope you enjoyed looking at the photos!

Arizona Renaissance Festival- February 12, 2017

Last week I got sick with a nasty stomach flu so I was unable to sew, draw, or basically do anything besides rest. Because of this, my blogging plans for the next few weeks are going to be off by at least a week. While I work on my sewing, I decided to write a few posts about photos I recently took. Well, photos took before I got sick. XD

On February 12th, I went to the Arizona Renaissance Festival. Last year, when my family member died, I decided to go on multiple days to the festival because I have the freedom on the weekends to do “fun” things this year without elaborate planning that will end up not working out in the end. So, although I didn’t have a costume ready to be worn, I didn’t mind because I already planned to go on other weekends. :)

On this weekend I ended up not staying as long as I normally like to because I was starting to not feel well. I think the flu was starting to creep up on me back then, but it didn’t make me so ill I couldn’t do things until last week. In spite of this, I was able to take photos of the festival. Continue reading

The Chiffon Undershirt

When I decided to make my Elizabethan Whovian costume, I decided to make an undershirt instead of attach the sleeves to the gown. The reason is because I wanted the sides of the gown so it will still fit me as I loose weight.

You can see the lace up sides in my sketch of the drawing…


I don’t think it’s historically correct (For the 1570’s at least) to put lacing in the sides of the gown. Despite this, I’ve seen lacing in the sides of dresses in patterns for 10th through 14th century dresses and there is lacing in the sides of one of the dresses from season two of the Outlander. Since this costume is supposed to be worn during weight loss, I though being able to take in the sides by tightening laces as I loose weight is a very practical idea.

Although lacing in the sides solves my sizing problem, another problem popped up. The pattern I’m using for the costume, Simplicity 3782, calls for the sleeves to be attached to the gown. If I make the gown with the sleeves attached to it, tightening the laces on the sides will cause the sleeves to get distorted. There are ways around this, but all the solutions I though of are complex and I wanted to make the costume’s construction more simple. So, I decided to solve the problem by making an undershirt with the sleeves attached. That way the laces can be tightened on the gown without distorting the way the sleeves look.

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2017 Chinese New Year Rooster Sketch

I wanted to draw a sketch to celebrate Chinese New Year for a while now, but I never had the opportunity until this year. I drew the sketch late for Chinese New Year, but I’m very pleased with the way it turned out so I decided to write a post about it!

2017 is the year of the rooster, so I naturally had to draw a rooster. I never drew a rooster before and nearly all my other attempts at drawing or sketching birds never worked well, so I didn’t know how my sketch would turn out.

Fortunately, I really like the way it turned out!


I drew the rooster on printer/copy paper with a .7 mechanical pencil. I used a google search for reference photos of a rooster to help me in my drawing. I over exaggerated the length of some of the feathers, but it looks pretty good to me. Especially since I have a poor track record with drawing birds. :)

I’m not sure if I’ll try sketching more bids in the future, but this sketch does give me a boost in bird drawing confidence.

That’s all for now! Thank you for reading!