Hatsune Miku Cantarella Dress

Character: Hatsune Miku

Series: Vocaloid Software

Variation: Cantarella song dress

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: Halloween 2012, Fixed version: 2014

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: December 2011-October 2012

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: I wanted to dress up as Miku for a convention 2011, but I wanted to wear one of Miku’s costumes that was a ballgown instead of the other Miku cosplay I have. At the time I was watching Cantarella PVs a lot so I decided to make the dress she wears in the videos, but since there are so many PV’s with Miku wearing different dresses, I decided to create my own design (Heavily inspired by many of the PV dresses) so I can use one of the patterns I already owned. That way I didn’t  have to modify or create all my own pattern for the dress. 🙂

Since I didn’t attend the convention I originally planed on wearing this costume to, I put it aside to work on other projects. I picked it back up and completed it in September/October of 2012 for Halloween 2012.

Costume Construction:

The costume is compiled of three parts, a bodice, black skirt, and white apron, all of which are made of the same bridal satin (In different colors) from Joann’s craft stores.

The black skirt is made using the skirt panel pattern from McCall’s pattern 5731. I cut out three panel pieces for the skirt, but I added three triangle panels in between the original panel pieces to make the skirt fuller near the bottom than at the top. (In other words, it’s an A-line skirt) The waistband is made out of a rectangle piece of fabric that is a LOT larger than my waist that I sewed it on and created a casing for elastic. After this was done, I added the elastic and sewed it all together. The skirt was hemmed after this was done and was hemmed to the length I wanted it to be when I wore a long petticoat underneath it.

For the apron and tail detail in the back part of the skirt, I used the pattern Truly Victorian 1870 Trained Skirt Ensemble View A and attached a waistband I created out of a long, rectangular piece of white saint fabric. I sewed snaps onto the waistband so I can take the apron on and off easily.

The bodice of the costume was created using Simplicity pattern number 1728 out of black satin and white brocade. I didn’t modify the bodice part at all, but I did draft my own patterns for the sleeves. The sleeves, which are made out of black satin, black brocade, and white satin, are two different sleeves (One using the black fabric and the other using the white fabric) sewn together at the armhole of the bodice and at the seam of the black brocade and black satin.

A year after completing the dress, I had to change parts of the dress due to growth spurts. I changed the bodice so it would lace up instead of use a zipper and I completely remade the black skirt. The white apron was left untouched.

The petticoat I use under the skirt was bought on amazon.com.

The Miku wig is one I bought years ago and unfortunately don’t remember the name of the seller I bought it from.

Reference Photos:

Images are screen captures taken from this PV and this PV.

In-progress Photos: