Hatsune Miku Software Box Art Outfit

Hastune Miku Vocaloid Software 2 Box ArtCharacter: Hatsune Miku

Series: Vocaloid Software

Variation: Vocaloid 2 Software Box Art

Completion Status: 70%-ish

Debuted: To be announced

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: Unknown

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: I think she is cute and I really love her hair! ^_^

My cosplay of Hastune Miku (Or Miku Hastune) is a mix of a bought cosplay and parts made by me. Originally I planned on making the whole cosplay myself, but due to time constraints and unforeseen circumstances I ended up buying one online. Although my measurements were correct, I couldn’t fit parts of the cosplay such as the shirt. I did end up creating a new shirt for this cosplay along with boots, hair ties, and tie which were not included in the bought cosplay or also did not fit me. It was easy for me to do this because I already had the fabric and supplies to create everything.

The top is make out of silver satin-like fabric with turquoise dull satin as the trim. The same satin was used for the new trim on the skirt and the “arm warmers”. The “arm warmers” are also made out of black satin and the design panel from the bought cosplay. The boots are made out of character shoes with boot coverings on top of them. The boot coverings are made out of 4-way stretch spandex and 4-way stretch knit fabric. The hair ties are craft foam glued together and painted with acrylic and other paints I had laying around the house.

The wig is one I bought on ebay years ago and was sitting in storage until I finished the costume. I cut the bangs myself.

I plan on making headphones but I haven’t gotten around to doing it.

Reference Pictures:

Hastune Miku Vocaloid Software 2 Box Art