Elizabeth i from Day of the Doctor

Character: Elizabeth iDW50-20a

Series: Doctor Who

Variation/ Episode Title: Day of the Doctor

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: ?

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: Three or so months.

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: After making a Tudor gown, I wanted to make an Elizabethan gown, but I never had the inspiration or will power to make one. After watching Day of the Doctor, I knew I wanted to make Elizabeth’s dress to wear at the local Renaissance Festival. I knew it wouldn’t be historically accurate, but I don’t mind. At least I was able to make an “Elizabethan” dress!

Costume Construction:

The costume was hard, but not as hard as other projects I’ve worked on. It was time consuming because of the little details in the dress.

I used gold pin tucked taffeta for the dress. The taffeta took months to find because I couldn’t find the right shade of gold. Since the whole entire dress is made out of the same gold fabric, I didn’t have to search for more fabric for the front of the skirt. The red fabric trim of the dress was left over fabric I used for my Tudor gown. The underskirt was made out of yellow broadcloth. The petticoat is one I already had.

I used Simplicity 3782 for the dress pattern. I made the dress differently than the pattern said to for many reasons, mostly as a safety measures for possible growth spurts, but it’s not accurate to the dress in the episode. There are also fitting problems, especially with the sleeves, but I’m still overall satisfied with the dress and it fits as well as an Elizabethan dress like this can be. The pearls on the dress was sewn onto the fabric using sewing machine. I used this tutorial for learning how to bead the fabric using a sewing machine. It is time consuming, but less time consuming than sewing it by hand.

Reference Photos:

Work in Progress Photos:

Completed Dress Photos: