Clara Oswald Nightmare in Silver

Character: Clara OswaldClara-in-Nightmare-in-Silver-clara-oswald-35581888-500-700

Series: Doctor Who

Variation/ Episode Title: Nightmare in Silver

Completion Status: 100%

Debuted: ?

Time Spent Making this Cosplay: 2-3 days

Background/Reason for Cosplaying this Character: Although Cybermen are one of my least favorite monsters on Doctor Who, I still liked Nightmare in Silver. At that time I was looking for a costume that was easy to make, easy to wear, and had the possibility of carrying a cool looking prop… and Clara Owald from that episode fit the criteria.

Costume Construction:

This costume was one of the most easiest costumes to make for me. I bought a jacket on amazon that looked like the screen accurate jacket. I also bought shoes on amazon that looked like the screen accurate shoes. I already had the tights/leggings (Depending on the weather). All that was left was the skirt.

I made the skirt from scratch using Simplicity 1500 as a base and fabric from Jen of all Trades on Spoonflower. The first skirt I made is a cotton skirt while the second is out of knit fabric. Although I liked the original skirt and wanted my skirt to look like it, I decided to use cotton for the first skirt because I wanted the fabric to drape differently. The second skirt was because I wanted a skirt made out of fabric that is more accurate to the real skirt.

Reference Photos:

Completed Costume: