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Brolly Playing Card Digital Painting

I’ve been waiting to make a post about this and now I can!

A few months ago the Risembool Ranger’s (Voice actor Vic Mignogna’s fan club) DeviantART group had a group activity I decided to participate in. The goal was to create a deck of playing cards featuring different anime characters Vic has voiced over the years. It’s been a while since I participated in any Risembool Ranger activity and I thought this would be the best activity to participate in!

Anyone who volunteered for the activity was assigned a character, a card number, and a type of card. Then they would create a playing card using whatever they choose to use as an art medium. There were more rules, but that was basically what we were supposed to do. Once we finished them, one of the moderators would print the art and give the deck to Vic at Sakura Con 2015.

I didn’t know what character I would get, but I was hoping to get a character I knew a lot about such as Dark Mousey from D.N.Angel or Tamaki from Ouran High School Host Club. Instead, I got Brolly from Dragon Ball Z. To be honest, I never watched Dragon Ball Z. Ever. I knew people who watched it and would talk about it all the time, but I was never interested in watching it or reading the manga. I was by no means upset to get Brolly, but it was ironic because around that time I was thinking about trying to draw more men! XD

I decided to create my card in Photoshop so I could practice painting and working with layers. Once I was done with the painting, it looked like this…


You can see the painting on DeviantART here and I hope to post it to Tumblr, Twitter, and Facebook soon. (Maybe not. We’ll see how busy/lazy I become.)

I decided to delay writing a post about this painting because I wanted to post a link to the video of Vic receiving the cards. Since it was posted recently, here’s the link to the video!

And there is also a second video…

Unfortunately, I couldn’t go to Sakura Con and be there to see Vic get the cards so the only way I could watch Vic’s reaction was through the YouTube videos. I’m so happy Vic loved the cards!

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