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Quick Post about Sewing Commissions

Lately I’ve received emails, messages, ect. from people who ask me if I take sewing commissions and if they could hire me to make them something. Its come to the point when I think I’ll need to make a post that talks about my current position on accepting sewing commissions.

I do not accept sewing commissions online. There are many reasons why I do not take commissions, but the most obvious is that I’m very picky about the clothing’s drape, or how the clothing I made looks while worn, and how it fits on a person. Since I’m so picky, I don’t feel comfortable accepting sewing commissions online without have at least the chance to do a fitting with the person the clothing is made for. If the person contacts me online but lives within driving distance of me, then I’ll probably take the commission (If I have enough time to work on the commission that is) but if it has to be done completely online, the answer is no.

Although I do not take sewing commissions, I do have plans on selling some pre-made clothing online in the future. (I’m currently working on some stuff to sell at this time) I also would be more than happy to accept drawing commissions. I am not accepting drawing commissions right now because I have many non-art business I have to take care of I don’t have much time to draw like I want to. Still, I want to in the future.

I hope this clears up any questions anyone might have about me accepting sewing commissions or commissions in general.

That’s all for now!

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