Favorite McCall’s Costume Patterns for 2013

Last week, I walked into Hobby Lobby during their 99 cent McCall’s pattern sale without any intention to buy a pattern. Much to my surprise, I found several new costume patterns, but three in specific caught my eye. The first two are coats that have a very heavy Once Upon a Time costume influence while the other is heavily influenced by Merida’s dress from Brave.

Like other McCall’s and Simplicity patterns I’ve found over the years that are based off costumes from movies and TV shows, these patterns are not 100% accurate to the original costumes, but they should give the person using them a good head start and will take a lot of the stress of creating a pattern from scratch.

Before I talk about my favorite new McCall’s costume patterns for 2013, allow me to explain why I’m so excited about one of the patterns…

Back in August of 2012, I began to make Merida from Brave’s dress. I never did finish it, but I used a McCall’s costume pattern to make the dress. (I don’t remember the number of the pattern at this time) I ran into some problems making the dress fit, and assembling the costume in general, so I set it aside with the intention to go back to the costume and finish it after I learned more about sewing or a Merida-style pattern shows up on the market.

Anyway, back to the patterns…

*Clicking on the photos will take you to the McCall’s website where you can read more about the patterns, sizes, ect.*

Pattern no. 6817, The “Wannabe” Merida Dress…


This pattern has two different dresses, one the Merida look-alike and the other looks like a vampire-style dress, but both are very similar to each other with minor differences. So, if you’re looking for a dress pattern in this style, this is the pattern for you.

This pattern’s advertisement shows a dress that looks more like the Disneyland Merida or limited edition Merida doll’s dress, so this would be perfect for me. (I was trying to make Disneyland Merida’s dress) I didn’t have a chance to look at the pattern and it’s construction (More on that later) so I’m not sure how well it will work for my dress.

Pattern no. 6818, The “Wannabe” Regina Coat from Once Upon a Time…


The coat used in the advertisement has a cape in the back but the pattern has about three different coats with various “accessories” to go along with the costume. (See the McCall’s link for more information)

Regina does wear coats with leggings often (depending on the season and episode) so it makes sense for there to be a Regina-themed coat pattern. To me, view A’s coat and capelet of the pattern looks very similar to Regina’s coat in the episode “True North”….


Pattern no. 6819, The “Wannabe” Snow White Coat from Once Upon a Time…

This pattern has two different coats and, based off my research, can serve for two different characters from season 2. View B can be used as Snow White’s coat from Season 2…


While view B can be used for Milah’s “coat” she wears at the end of the episode, The Crocodile. Unfortunately, I cannot find good, clear photos of Milah wearing the coat I’m talking about, probably because she’s not very popular (Read the link to her summary on OUAT wiki) and season 2 has yet to come out on DVD (At least at the time of this post’s writing) so no screen captures could be taken.

So there you have it. My three favorite costume patterns from McCall’s for 2013.

I was fortunate to get one of the patterns, the Snow White coat pattern, during the 99 cents sale, but much to my dismay I couldn’t get the Merida pattern because it was sold out. (The OUAT patterns were very popular as well. They only had four of the OUAT patterns available in the pattern cabinets. Two Regina, two Snow White) This didn’t surprise me because I’ve been to that particular Hobby Lobby during their pattern sales before and they seem to sell a lot of princess patterns during their 99 cents sales. It still made me mad I couldn’t get the Merida pattern at that time. I still plan on getting the Merida pattern, along with the Regina pattern, but I’ll wait till there’s another 99 cents pattern sale to buy them.

In the mean time, I plan on concentrating on reading the instructions for the Snow White pattern to make myself possible Snow White cosplay. :)

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